Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visual Order Manager for MT4

Trade by lines with risk based lot sizing 

This is one of the best software i ever use develop by Sangmane from FF.

This is instruction from Sangmane himself: 

This plugin inspired by some great scripts / tools available on FF that make trading easier.

I made this simple tool to give me the ability to specify sl/tp for new order by using mouse (dragging line object). Input sl/tp manually is a boring task, especially for lazy trader.

It also monitor existing trade sl/tp, which means it will modify existing sl/tp and open price (for pending order) when it detected a different value between order's sl/tp and the corresponding sl/tp line object.

Other feature :
- lot size calculated automatically based on the specified risk.
- a simple popup menu that allows you to quickly close an order based on ticket number

Unlike most line object based trading tools, this program doesn't use EA for monitoring lines object every tick, or a script which uses continuous looping with certain delay. It detects mouse dragging activities (hence why it uses dll) and fire the necessary script. All script will return once its job (opening new order / modifying existing orders) finished.

To use:
- download attached zip file. this zip contains 5 scripts (EasyOrder...mq4) and one EasyOrder.dll
- extract mq4 files to scripts folder, dll file to libraries folder
- attach EasyOrder to chart where you want to open new order or modifying exisiting orders
- you should only attach / run EasyOrder.mq4 scripts. Other scripts named EasyOrder_Draw, EasyOrder_Submit, EasyOrder_XXXX is companion scripts that will be run by

dll, not to be run manually

New Order
- to prepare new order, click combo box that has text "New Order", choose Buy Stop (for example)
- program will draw three lines, each of them are sl (red), open price (gold) and tp (blue). drag them to the required position.
- click submit, read progress on alert window

Modify SL/TP
- drag SL/TP line

Close Order
- click Close button, you will see a popup showing the list of order's ticket

Remove Window
- Right click on any part of the order window, on the popup menu, choose remove.

to download please go here: 

I think he forgot to mention something because when i drag it to the chart nothing happen. In order to start the EASY ORDER function go to Tool>Options in Mt4 and click at Allow DLL Imports. Then click OK.

Drag it again from the script list.

If you see this on your chart then you are successful!. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lot Size Calculator

I find this indicator is very useful. Just insert your Stop Loss (SL) in pips and % you are willing to risk in one trade and it´ll calculate the lot size for you.

This indicator only is based on the MT4 Platform.

To use it, download the indicator, place it in your metatrader expert>sub folder like below:

C:\Program Files\MetaTrader - yourbroker\experts\indicators

To use it, open your MT4, scroll it on your left side bar under the Custom Indicators. Find the LotCalculator v1, click and drag it to your chart and key-in your SL and your risk (%) then it will calculate the lot size for you! Click OK after you key-in the numbers.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My True FX System

The Concept behind My True FX System:

After years of seeing & doing observation of market price movement, i finally classified FOREX movement into 3 categories/levels:

Zone 1: Normal Resistant/Normal Support
Zone 2: Great Resistant/Great Support
Zone 3: Very Great Resistant/Very Great Support

So I develop this Channel Predictive Support & Resistant to help me predict the market movement effectively!

 Like our page to keep on track development of My True FX System:

Friday, November 2, 2012

GBP/USD latest movement

GBP/USD latest movement on 1 hour chart.

GBP/USD hit the Zone 1: Normal Resistant and now still going down to Zone 1: Normal Support!