Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is DDFX Forex Trading System

What Is DDFX Forex Trading System?
DDFX Forex Trading System is used by DDFX Team to Trade Forex. It consist of 9 Modified and Adapted Forex Indicators to suite our Trading Strategy and Environment.

Who is the Founder of DDFX Forex Trading System?
DDFX is created by modifiying a few existing forex indicator to suite our trading stail and enviroment by our mentor, Anomaht Aitin after more than 2 years of researching for the best tool to trade forex.

How to Use DDFX Forex Trading System?
It is very easy to used DDFX. When green and/or blue arrow appear, all 4 indicators are blue you go Long position and if the Yellow and/or red arrow appear, all 4 indicators are red you go Short position.

Can DDFX Filter the False Signal?
Yes. It can filter out the false signal (if not all).

How much pips i can gained through this Strategy?
It is depend on the Price Action it self. Min >100 pips weekly (Please refer to the top image).

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